Reverse Engineering began its activity in 2000, having developed its own proprietary technology, an optic three-dimensional scanning system as the result of research done by two of the company's associates in ISR (Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica) at the IST (Instituto Superior Técnico). The system was then tested and further developed in cooperation with important Portuguese mould industry companies. The dPlus system is used on 3D digitization and 3D coordinate measurement for reverse engineering in product development, experimental deformation analysis and quality control.

The company diversified its portfolio which now includes assembly line quality control systems for dimensional or colour based control, tools for deformation analysis, digitization systems for the shoe sole industry (mould alignment, reverse engineering), digitization systems for medical and biometrical applications, digitization services and user friendly systems for 3D multimedia.

Reverse's multi-disciplinary team includes PhD's and other experts with know-how in such important areas as image processing and algorithms, software, hardware and electro-optics, as well as a network of external consultants from several national and international universities. This makes it possible for the company to tackle and produce valuable solutions for our costumers, whenever the need arises for a vision based metrology or quality control system. System development is done in cooperation with the client in order to produce the best solution for the problem in hand.


With headquarters located in the center of Lisbon, Reverse Engineering combines the excitement of a professionally managed technology-based start-up with the development of revolutionary technology and algorithms for industrial and multimedia applications in a dynamic and entrepreneur team. Our vision-based solutions combine expertise in software, algorithms, image processing, electro-optics, control, mechanics and physics.

We are currently serching for a software/electronics engineer (no previous experience required) with:

- know-how in vision and image processing
- Programming experience in C++ and MatLab environment
- Autonomy, initiative and creativity in the performance of tasks
- Final course average equal or superior to 14. (preferentially)

Please send us your CV to